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Q:     What are ice dams?
A:     Ice dam formation is the result of continuous freezing and thawing of snow due to escaping heat from the house or from gutters being backed up with frozen slush. When this occurs, water may be driven under the roof which may cause ceiling, wall, insulation and gutter damage.

Q:     What can I do about ice dams?
A:     Ice dams can be preventing from forming by:

  • Installing a vapor barrier above the home’s warm space.
  • Insulating the attic floor.
  • Ventilating the attic.
  • Damage from ice dams, if they do form, can be reduced by:
  • Removing debris from gutters so that it does not build up over time.
  • Making sure that the outer edges of the gutters are lower than the slope line. This will allow for snow and ice to slide clear.
  • Installing eaves flashing, such as IKO’s ArmourGard Ice & Water Protector

Q:What will happen if my roof is not properly ventilated?
A: Insufficient ventilation can lead to:

  • Asphalt odors from hot shingles entering the home’s interior.
  • Blistering, fishmouthing, curling or premature aging of asphalt shingles.
  • Rotting of wood decks.
  • Buckling.
  • Splitting.

Proper ventilation is essential so that air movement is not restricted beneath the roof surface. If your attic is not properly vented it could result in the manufacturer not warranting their shingles